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For past two decades, NPK Founders has been involved in dealing various measuring instruments for Temperature, electrical / electronic & dimensional parameters. The customer gets single window facility for his requirement of instrument along with calibration certificate.

With domain expertise, Team NPK can suggest you a suitable instrument if the measuring requirement is communicated. Team NPK will be a solution provider & it is seen than every minute requirement of the customer is fulfilled.

ETI, UK make Temperature & Humidity Measuring Instruments

Electronic Temperature Instruments Inc.is based in United Kingdom and are manufacturers of temperature measurement products like food thermometers, hygrometers, Non-contact thermometers, Data loggers designed specifically to serve food & beverage industry.

Temperature measurement with contact mode

Non-Contact mode

Humidity measurement

Data loggers for Temperature & humidity

Pressure Gauges & Force Measuring Pressure Indicators

Pressure gauges are widely used in the industry to monitor & measure pressures at various points of any process. We help our clients to select appropriate type of gauge depending on the usage requirements. The criteria of selection can be working range, accuracy, connection, high temperature withstanding etc.

Traditionally, the analog reading force gauges are used for force measurement of high power press, testing machines used for the product testing at high force application. The analog gauges have a limited life and needs review if the RAM diameter of the machine is changed or modified in due maintenance coarse.

We help our clients to get better accuracy by replacing the traditional force gauge indicating in “Tons” or “Newtons” into a far superior and advanced digital displays.

Advantages of digital force gauges over analog:

Save cost on customisation for required range of force gauge

High resolution

Most durable

Reprogrammable if the machine is changed or RAM diameter is changed

Easy interfacing with PLC or HMI which is most advantageous in factory automation

K Type Thermocouples / RTD Sensor Assemblies with Indicating Devices

K type flexible wire thermocouples with mini connectors for applications like

Data logging / temperature mapping of any heated device

Surface temperature measurement of any product / assembly

Solder gun temperature calibration

Calibration Equipment

Dry block calibration baths, RPM calibrator, Humidity generator etc.