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Our Core Services: 




Our service features are:

Highly educated, well experienced and trained staff.
Documented Quality System
Accreditation to NABL (Dept of Science & Technology - Ministry of IT - Govt. of India)
Traceability to National / International Standards
Acceptance of certifications throughout India and APLAC (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Co-Operation) countries.

We offer Total Calibration Management for Customer. We will set a schedule for recalibration of instruments and recalibrate instruments at decided intervals on regular basis. Please refer to information sheet "We Calibrate".

Intermediate Checks / Verification
Many critical instruments are required to be verified during the Calibration interval, whether they are complying with their specifications. We also provide Intermediate checks service for such instruments.


Conditioning tests: (under KLPL)

Dry Heat Test
Cold test
Humidity - Steady State / Cyclic
Weatherproof ness Tests - IP Tests
Salt Spray - Corrosion Tests
Environmental Stress Screening - ESS on component, card and equipment level(*)
  Special Tests:  
Cable testing as per ISO:8092.
Reliability tests for automotive switches
Any special Tests by creating special testing rigs / fixtures.
  Performance Tests as per IEC/ISO standards:  
Electronic / electrical components
Electronic / electrical Household and industrial products.

We carry out Thermal Studies of Steam Autoclaves/Sterilizers; Dry heat Sterilizers; Tunnels, Mapping of Incubators / Walk In Chambers / Cold Storages Facility Mapping / Validation as per WHO Guidelines for Good Distribution Practices and COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION AS PER WHO GUIDELINES AND ANY OTHER INTERNATIONAL GUIDELINES.

QMS ISO 9001 Awareness Programme for all levels of organization
Trainings on Measurement Uncertainty
Awareness trainings for ISO/IEC 17025.
On Oven / chamber repairs / modifications
On selection & use of Measuring instruments / equipments
Test set up Design - Testing rigs, Instrumentation.
  N. P. K.FOUNDERS serves a diverse clientele, including some of the Top Companies in India.  
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